Beards Are Here to Stay

// September 1, 2022
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Man at barbershop

Beards have been making a comeback. According to the New York Times, pandemic lockdowns contributed to an increase in men growing and maintaining beards. Not coincidentally, North America has now emerged as the largest market for the men’s personal care industry — an industry showing no signs of slowing down. Globally, it is expected to nearly triple by 2030 (Yahoo).

This increase in industry revenue is also due in part to the introduction of new products to meet consumer demand. Gillette, for example, bet on R&D and innovation to bring new products to market, and it’s paid off. These new grooming products have been a hit with the millennial generation (Bloomberg).

USLI’s Barber Shop product was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your customers. We offer general liability, property and professional liability for shop owners, independent contractors and booth/chair renters.

The following claims are examples of the exposures these businesses face during their day-to-day operations:

  • A client slipped while walking over to a barber chair, causing a fractured wrist and $3,000 in medical bills
  • A barber rushed when applying hair dye to a client and dripped dye on the client’s custom shirt; the barber was held liable for $325 to replace the clothing
  • Someone broke into a barbershop and stole $2,000 worth of items, including expensive scissors, shears, hot towel warmers and a facial steamer

Our product is perfect for barbershops, beauty salons and independent contractors. Some key product advantages include:

  • Professional liability included (per occurrence)
  • Rated based on the number of operators performing services in the shop, including owners, employees, 1099s and booth/chair renters
  • Chair or booth renters are considered named insureds under the salon’s professional liability and general liability
  • New ventures are acceptable
  • No designated premises restriction

With quotes available online, over the phone or through your USLI underwriter, you’ll find it easy to take advantage of our competitive minimum premiums and ease of business.

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Written by Bradley Clark
September 2022