How USLI University Can Help You and Your Team

CEO Message
// June 2, 2022
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The effort each of us puts into what we do today affects our future trajectory. When it comes to education, it’s important to invest in yourself and in your people, and USLI University was created to provide free and meaningful learning experiences for you, our valued customers.

To ensure that these experiences continue to be valuable and are meeting your needs, our team of dedicated trainers is always looking to improve upon our current offerings and develop new and robust value-added resources for you and your employees.

We recently asked several of our customers how USLI University has made a difference in their office and compiled their responses into a short video that I’m happy to share with you. Some of the themes I heard in these customers’ testimonials are convenience, great supplemental training, time saver and great for onboarding new people. Watching the following video might help you visualize how our training programs can make a real difference in your office as well:

As a reminder, USLI University has three schools: Insurance Training and Development, Sales, and Leadership and Professional Development. What this means is that you can choose the area that aligns best with your goals or what you’re trying to accomplish in your office. We offer several degree programs, on-demand courses on a variety of topics, live and recorded webinars and much more. Our trainers built this terrific library of free and interactive educational material that can accommodate all learning styles and levels of experience. This allows you to create customized degrees specifically for the people in your office. I encourage you to reach out to any of our University team to learn more.

I’m also excited to share that we’re working on a new learning management system, which will make it easier to track your USLI University classes and programs, measure progress and schedule future sessions.

Our team is looking forward to sharing more about this update and explaining how it can take your personal and professional development to the next level. Please stay tuned for updates and additional information.

I encourage you to reach out to Amanda Mattis or Rahman Miller with any questions about how we can help you with training in your office. Your success is our success, and I hope you choose USLI University as a training solution to help you reach your educational goals.

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CEO Message