Add Some Value to Your Property Coverage With Value Plus

// June 2, 2022
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When business owners consider their property insurance needs, the most obvious exposures are their buildings, business personal property and business income/loss of rent. These main assets should be protected by the proper insurance coverage so policyholders can be indemnified in the event of a loss. Property insurance prevents insureds from having to close their businesses if they sustain a significant loss.

However, coverage for an insured’s building, business personal property and business income alone isn’t enough. Some smaller exposures are often overlooked when business owners are securing coverage, including money and securities, water backup, valuable papers, employee dishonesty and signs.

USLI offers a Value Plus endorsement, which covers these frequently neglected exposures, on our monoline property and commercial package policies. This endorsement is available when Special Cause of Loss is selected, and it is an exceptional value given the premium charge is only $175.

Consider the following claims examples:

During a period of heavy rain, an insured’s sewer system could not handle the volume of water, and toilets backed up inside of their restaurant. The insured sustained $4,567 worth of damage. Water backup was not scheduled on their policy, but the insured purchased USLI’s Value Plus endorsement, which provides $5,000 of coverage.

A shoe store had a tall, detached sign that sustained damage from high winds and a hail storm. The insured did not have the sign scheduled on her policy. However, she had purchased Value Plus, which provides sign coverage up to $10,000.

The above instances and more are covered by adding USLI’s Value Plus endorsement for only $175. See below for a full schedule of what is included:

"Coverage provided by Value Plus" graphic

Please contact your Commercial Lines underwriter for more information.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

Elizabeth Shults headshotWritten by Elizabeth Shults
June 2, 2022