Truckers and Delivery Services Drive the Economy

// March 3, 2022
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Truck and delivery drivers are needed now more than ever. They play an essential role in moving goods from place to place, whether it’s a tractor trailer hauling bulk goods or a local delivery driver delivering groceries to a person’s home.

Many trucking operations and personal delivery services are experiencing a rush to hire more drivers to meet the new demand in this rapidly growing industry. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the industry is expected to increase 12% by 2030 — a rate that is 50% faster than the overall employment growth rate.

As the industry grows, many delivery services are looking for ways to stand out among the competition. According to BBC, some services are now allowing consumers to order from multiple restaurants at the same time. Other food delivery apps are focusing on delivering ingredients for home-cooked meals rather than the typical restaurant fare.

It can be easy for a trucker or a delivery driver to overlook their need for general liability insurance, but it is an essential part of the overall insurance program. Independent drivers are required to have this insurance, as auto and garage policies may leave gaps in coverage under certain loss circumstances. Consider the following claims examples:

  • A driver makes slanderous remarks to a store owner regarding a product that he is delivering, and the store owner stops buying the product from the manufacturer, resulting in $2,100 in lost income.
  • A trucker is walking through the lobby of a warehouse where he is delivering goods and accidentally knocks over an item on display, causing $2,000 worth of property damage.
  • A driver accidentally leaves boxes and debris on the ground after delivering merchandise, and someone else trips and falls over the items, incurring $7,000 in medical bills and $750 in lost wages.

Oftentimes, general liability coverage is a contractual requirement for truckers and delivery drivers to enter facilities to pick up or deliver products. The individual or corporation for whom the applicant is hauling (e.g., Amazon, a food delivery company) may also require evidence of general liability coverage before they will hire them.

USLI’s Truckers product is designed to be a simple solution for obtaining both general liability and property coverage. (Property is essential for businesses that have offices or garages to house or repair their own vehicles.)

Product Advantages

  • We can consider up to 10 trucks, including owned trucks and owner-operators operating under the applicant’s authority
  • Express companies, such as package/food/alcohol/grocery delivery, are eligible
  • Short, intermediate and long-haul radius operations are eligible
  • A wide variety of freight, including auto transport, bulk goods, refrigerated goods and sand/gravel, are eligible
  • New ventures are eligible
  • Blanket additional insured and blanket waiver of subrogation are available

As a USLI customer, you and your policyholders have access to our Business Resource Center, which is a value-added service designed to assist you with running your business. For truckers, the Business Resource Center provides low-cost access to vendors that can assist with background checks, drug screenings and motor vehicle reports for potential drivers. Our Truckers product is available for quoting over the phone, online or by contacting your Commercial Lines underwriter.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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Written by Bradley Clark
March 2022