The Importance of Insurance for Online Learning Instructors

// March 3, 2022
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Throughout the past two years, we have changed how we work, learn and spend our free time. For many adults, changes in lifestyles and less hectic schedules resulted in the exploration of educational opportunities and hobbies previously put on the back burner. Some also recruited specialty educators, trainers and instructors to assist them in their new pursuits.

Such pursuits include online cooking courses, guitar lessons, public speaking courses, presentation skills courses, business courses and much more. As stated by the New York Times, “The internet has empowered adult learners by providing new online tools to ramp up education and training.”

While online learning is not new, it has become more widely used and accepted during the past two years. reports that “the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has seen a substantial increase in online learning by adults. Much of the training that was originally planned for the classroom is now being delivered online.”

A business owner offering online instruction may question the need for insurance; however, liability and property exposures still exist. For example, allegations of improper instruction causing a student to fail a licensing exam could create a professional liability claim. A personal or advertising injury exposure could result from allegations of using printed or recorded material that is copyrighted or trademarked. For those instructing from home, having a homeowner’s policy is not enough as this policy may not respond to a business activity claim.

Whether an educator is offering online or in-person instruction to adults or to children, USLI’s Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors product can be an insurance solution for over 30 classes of specialty schools within five segments. Some eligible classes include:

  • Hobby schools
    • Art
    • Cooking
    • Craft/Hobby
    • Dressmaking
    • Photography
    • Wine tasting
  • Educational
    • Language
    • Public speaking
    • Reading instruction
    • SAT/LSAT courses
    • Tutoring services
  • Job training
    • Bartending
    • Beauty
    • Business
    • Charm/Modeling
    • Computer
    • Cooking
    • Massage
    • Medical/Nursing classroom instruction
  • Performing arts
    • Dance
    • Theater
    • Music
  • Athletic training
    • Athletic Instruction
    • Personal Training

Key product advantages include:

  • Gross annual receipts up to $5 million
  • Blanket additional insured available
  • Professional liability included for most classes
  • No premises limitation; coverage will follow you offsite for school-related functions, such as field trips or recitals
  • Abuse and molestation sublimits available on most classes, with the option to purchase criminal or civil proceeding defense cost reimbursement
  • Short-term policies available for specialized camps (e.g., art, dance or theater camps, including online)

For more information or a quote, please contact your Commercial Lines underwriter.

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Written by Michele Eby
March 2022