Safety First: Loss Control for Bars and Restaurants

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// March 3, 2022
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The hospitality industry has faced many challenges over the past two years. Establishments overcame mandates, dining restrictions, labor shortages, supply chain issues and more. Many businesses had to continually change operations to keep their customers satisfied and their doors open. Fortunately, in most states, bars and restaurants have been able to return to offering full seating capacity, bar seating and entertainment.

In the age of nuclear verdicts, another challenge establishments are facing is preventing the financial devastation that can result from a loss or claim. Operating a bar or restaurant comes with many hazards, but those associated with cooking and serving food and selling and serving alcohol are at the top of the list.

When it comes to preventing losses for our small business insureds, efficiency is key. A simple, regularly executed loss control plan is critical. An engaged owner and management team set the standard for success. We know our insureds are busy with many aspects of their businesses, so USLI provides helpful tools to keep them safe and prepared.

USLI’s Business Resource Center, available to all USLI policyholders, provides multiple loss control resources that can help bars and restaurants prevent claims, including the following:

  • Discounted alcohol safety training
    • Liquor liability claims are severity driven; losses include drunk driving incidents and assault and/or battery related to the overservice of alcohol
    • offers a three-year certification in the responsible sale and service of alcohol
  • Discounted food handlers and food managers training
    • Common general liability claims for bars and restaurants with regard to food include allergic reactions, food poisoning, and foreign objects in food leading to patrons needing medical or dental attention
    • The purpose of this training is to provide food handlers with the information they need to handle food safely
    • Content is specific to state and local regulations
  • Information on fire safety for commercial cooking equipment
    • Proper equipment is only the first step
    • View this video or this article for information on the difference upkeep, professional cleaning and proper storage of flammable items can make
  • Helpful forms

As businesses continue to fill up, the possibility of new losses also increases. Bars once operating at 30% capacity are now fully operational. There is no better time for insureds to review the loss control techniques they have in place and update them if necessary. The importance of best practices to prevent claims from occurring cannot be overstated.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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