Mental Health Matters

CEO Message
// March 3, 2022
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Good mental health is fundamental to everyone’s overall well-being, even though it’s not something that most people have primarily focused on in the past.

In a time when isolation and anxiety have impacted individuals in ways we never thought possible, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of bringing mental health education and resources to the forefront.

In an effort to be part of that education, we’re hosting our second annual Mind Your Mental Health event this month. We held this event last year and received a lot of feedback that the various sessions and resources helped in a variety of ways, whether it was with your own mental health struggles, that of a family member or your understanding of the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

I invite you to join us as we continue on the journey of empowering each other and practicing self-care. We have several live sessions planned, as well as recorded videos that you can watch at any time. All of the presenters are experts in their fields and have tremendous insight into topics like parenting, mindfulness, social determinants, trauma and positive thinking. We’ve also invited medical professionals to touch on additional topics like screen fatigue, sleep, nutrition and posture and how they impact mental health.

No one should struggle in silence, so I hope you’ll explore our event as we bring to light the importance of mental health and how it affects us and those close to us. We hope you’ll join us to support each other and work toward being the best versions of ourselves.

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CEO Message