Colorado Nonprofit Board of Directors Shows Creativity During Pandemic

// December 2, 2021
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It’s been another unique year. Businesses and organizations continued to evolve their operations, and nonprofits were no exception. In fact, some nonprofit boards of directors got very creative in the way they started raising funds to support their mission.

For example, over the past 10 years, a nonprofit foundation in Colorado had focused on providing scholarships and other educational needs to disadvantaged youth in their local area. Their primary revenue source had been a very successful craft beer festival, where local breweries would donate proceeds from the festival to the organization. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the nonprofit was faced with the sudden reality of not being able to host their event and decided to try something different.

Instead of setting up trucks at the festival, each participating brewery donated cases of canned beer to the organization. They sold mixed 12-packs on their website and delivered them. While disappointed to have to cancel their event, this effort generated three times the revenue of the in-person event, allowing them to provide three times the assistance to local children in need. While they plan to resume their in-person festival when it is safe to do so, they have also discovered a new funding source to advance their mission for years to come.

During the pandemic, USLI has been able to not only accommodate many innovative requests for coverage like this one but also offer resources and benefits to our customers and policyholders. We’ve been able to support the pivots many organizations needed to make, such as:

  • Professional associations holding industry events in virtual settings
  • Streaming sermons and religious services for various houses of worship
  • Outdoor and virtual learning for schools
  • Outdoor and streaming performances for theater/performing groups
  • Staggered admission and reduced capacity at zoos, museums, etc.

USLI has a comprehensive management liability product to protect the boards of directors for these creative nonprofits. In addition to the product advantages offered, we’ve provided many pandemic-specific resources.

Nonprofit Directors and Officers Management Liability COVID-19 Resources

Find these resources and more on our Business Resource Center.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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December 2, 2021