Support Groups and School Clubs Navigate the Return of In-person Gatherings

// September 2, 2021
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Support groups like Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous and men’s and women’s groups hold regular meetings necessary to the livelihood and recovery of millions of individuals, but these meetings, like many other events, were moved to a virtual platform during the pandemic. With a group like Alcoholics Anonymous having more than 1 million members in more than 61,000 groups in the U.S., these simple and low-hazard organizations still require essential coverage in the event of a slip and fall or injury as in-person gatherings start up again.

Similarly, booster clubs and parent-teacher associations are busy planning for the return of in-person school fundraisers, events and extracurricular activities that may have been limited over the past year.

Together, groups like parent-teacher organizations, parent-teacher associations and booster clubs are responsible for an average of $4 billion in spending each year. Though it’s organizations like these that take on the responsibility of organizing clubs for children across the country, it comes with a risk. PTO Today says, “Insurance is often required for activities like fundraisers held on school property, in case of accident or injury.”

Support groups and school clubs are only two examples of organizations navigating the return of in-person gatherings. These organizations need protection, but the dilemma lies in the ability to afford multiple policies to address these concerns. Our Charity Protector and Business Association Guard products include a variety of insurance and value-added solutions for these organizations, and we offer new minimum premiums starting at $395. Our comprehensive package policy can offer coverage for:

  • Bodily injury
  • Event liability including host liquor*
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Allegations of discrimination and harassment
  • Defense costs

*In addition to a comprehensive package policy at a cost affordable to small nonprofits, we’ve enhanced our blanket special events coverage to include:

  • The first three events with up to 250 attendees at no charge
  • General liability on a blanket event basis up to 2,500 attendees
  • Host and/or commercial liquor liability on a blanket basis up to 2,500 attendees

Eligible charity classes include booster clubs, parent-teacher organizations, charitable fundraising and community support groups. Eligible business association classes include chambers of commerce, professional and trade associations and business membership groups.

Additionally, USLI’s Business Resource Center provides value-added resources that greatly benefit these organizations, such as discounted background checks, cyber risk information and safety resources.

As these groups start to return to in-person gatherings, think about their coverage needs! Please contact your Nonprofit Package underwriter today for more information about our Charity Protector and Business Association Guard products.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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Written by Kristin Ryan
September 2, 2021