Where, Who and How — Setting the Stage For Increased Summer Events

Hospitality and Liquor
// June 1, 2021
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Wedding , two men at their wedding reception with friendsPicnics, barbecues, concerts, rescheduled weddings and more — the warm summer breeze is bringing in good times and many of the events we have been missing for the past year. With the country moving in a positive direction toward reopening, the beloved event and hospitality industries are finally beginning to make a comeback.

Many businesses thrive off of people being able to gather. And people are ready to get together and get back out there, whether they are dining, being entertained or celebrating a milestone.

USLI has an impressive selection of products to cover all your event-related needs.

First, we will start with the where. Having the right event venue makes all the difference. USLI’s Hall product can cover a large variety of venues. Locations that host meetings, banquets, events, parties, weddings and more can all be a fit for this product.

Hall Product Features

  • Available as a full package or monoline property, general liability and liquor liability options
  • New ventures — huge competitive advantage!
  • Halls up to 25,000 square feet are eligible

Second (but just as important) is the who. Caterers and bartending services create a great party atmosphere and keep guests engaged. From personal chefs to off-premises caters, we have options for your insureds.

Caterers/Bartending Services Product Features

  • Available as a full package or monoline property, general liability and liquor liability options
  • New ventures
  • Blanket additional insured available
  • Licensed or unlicensed
  • No limit on number of employees

Last, but certainly not least, is how. How can you have the perfect event? With the right coverage, of course! Our Special Event product encompasses hundreds of event classes. Our broad appetite, ease of doing business, and quick service turnaround make USLI the perfect market for these accounts. They may be low premium, but a steady flow of special events could put more business on your books with little to no effort — especially annual events!

Current Top Classes

  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Cocktail parties
  • Rodeos
  • Car shows

Special Event Product Features

  • Separate limits for general liability and liquor liability
  • Blanket additional insured automatically included for no charge
  • No deductibles
  • Broad appetite for event types, and increased limit options
  • Peace of mind

USLI can be your one-stop shop for anything event related. Our experience has shown that events and the hospitality industry are coming back stronger than ever due to an increased desire to get out and enjoy the things we have been missing.

If you have a food, alcohol or entertainment exposure, don’t hesitate to try us out.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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June 3, 2021