Capitalizing on the Emerging Niche of Residential Cleaning

// March 4, 2021
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Home has always been a special place, but how we view our homes has changed substantially over the past year. No longer are our homes simply our main places to eat and rest. Now, they have turned into our workplaces, classrooms, fitness centers and places of entertainment.

As a result of spending so much more time at home, many individuals no longer have the time or desire to clean their homes; instead, they are seeking out residential janitorial businesses to fill this need.

Some cleaning businesses have had to shift to offer residential cleaning services because many commercial locations cannot be open for business. Other entrepreneurs are finding they can capitalize on this new need by starting their own residential cleaning businesses. According to, “Everyone should keep their home and workplace clean and tidy, but not many people want to do this work themselves. That presents a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who don’t mind getting their hands dirty to start a cleaning business.”

Part of a successful business strategy is making sure you have the correct insurance coverage in place. General liability and property coverages are needed to protect business owners from mistakes that can happen while cleaning customers’ homes. Consider the following claims examples:

  • Laura is mopping her customer’s kitchen, and the homeowner comes in before the floor is dry and slips and falls, breaking his wrist. Laura’s commercial general liability policy will provide coverage to pay for the homeowner’s medical costs.
  • Jacob is cleaning a bathroom in a residence and accidentally slams a custom shower door, causing it to shatter. It costs $2,000 to replace and install a new shower door. A property damage endorsement on his commercial general liability policy will cover this loss.

USLI’s Janitorial product is positioned to offer an easy insurance solution for your customers’ janitorial businesses. Key product offerings and coverage enhancements include:

  • Rating basis is the number of full-time and part-time operators, not payroll, making it easy to get a quote
  • Given that the rating basis is operators, policies are not audited
  • Property damage extension is automatically included with every quote at a minimal charge offering $5,000 in coverage per occurrence and a $25,000 aggregate
  • Low-cost, competitive premiums for residential cleaners; we can also accommodate office and commercial cleaning
  • Optional coverage add-ons include inland marine for contractor’s equipment, rental reimbursement and lost key coverage, and employee theft coverage
  • Blanket additional insured available
  • New ventures are eligible
  • All policyholders have access to our Business Resource Center, where they can obtain a variety of value-added services, including human resources assistance and affordable background check services for employees
  • Ability to obtain a quick quote by calling our Instant Quote line, visiting or emailing your Commercial Lines underwriter for a three-hour turnaround

Contact your Commercial Lines underwriter for more information about our Janitorial product.

As always, we thank you for your support and business.

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Elizabeth Shults headshotContact and written by Elizabeth Shults
March 4, 2021