Loss Control Measures Protect More Than Just Your Insureds

// December 3, 2020
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Being in the insurance industry, we know that buying and selling a policy is only the first step in creating a relationship with an insured. Insureds may choose to shop their policies year after year, or they may forget that they need to be proactive in protecting their businesses, so how can you, as an agent or a broker, address these issues?

At USLI, we seek to not only provide quality, well-underwritten products, but also support our customers and insureds by offering countless value-added services.

Any USLI or Devon Park Specialty policyholder has access to our Business Resource Center, which is a suite of value-added services. Within this platform, we offer many impactful loss control resources to support the insurance relationship long after that sale is made. If you’re new to the resources we provide, you may wonder where to start. As we inch closer to winter, why not start with how to winterize a property?

No insured, broker or agent wants to be on the other end of a claim; with our helpful hints, everyone involved is one step closer to being better protected. Here are some essential steps for winterizing a vacant property, all which are outlined in our marketing piece that you can share with your insureds:

  1. Protect pipes
  2. Repair the roof
  3. Clean out gutters
  4. Prune trees
  5. Clear snow and ice

This is one of many loss control guides in our offering that will help inform insureds and maintain strong relationships.

Our other recent guides include:

  • Curbside Dining Hazards for COVID-19 Dining
  • Circuit Breaker Safety
  • Slip and Fall Prevention

Remember that by offering loss control information and other services through the Business Resource Center, you are building a relationship with your customer that is bigger than just the sale of the policy. Make yourself stand out, and give yourself a better chance at winning the business every time.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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Salome HeadshotWritten by Salome Margvelashvili
December 3, 2020