Americans at Home Boost Small Business Sales

// December 3, 2020
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The U.S. economy has been through a lot in 2020. Between social unrest and a deadly virus forcing citizens to stay at home, people’s lives have been changed forever. Some small businesses have been forced to close their doors while others haven’t felt the same impact.

Everyday activities, like going to the gym, eating out at restaurants and meeting up with people in public places, are now limited in many states. This has caused people to spend their time and money in other ways. A U.S. Chamber article lists places such as novelty shops, bakeries, thrift stores, sporting goods stores and several others as being somewhat unaffected by this year’s events.

For example, U.S. households have been baking and cooking more, which, as a result, has kept bakeries and food stores open. Additionally, even though some gyms have closed and organized sporting events have been canceled, people have found new outdoor hobbies. Some people have even built their own home gyms, resulting in increased sales for sporting goods stores.

USLI has the perfect product for these thriving small businesses. We can consider a variety of classes, such as bakeries, florists and sporting goods or athletic equipment stores, and most classes are eligible for our preferred package.

These small business owners must be very diligent in choosing the right coverages for their business, as the majority of them do not have the financial resources of a large corporation to defend themselves in the event of a claim. Review the following claim examples to fully comprehend the risk small business owners face:

  • A customer went to use the restroom, which had been recently cleaned by an employee, at a store where they were shopping. The tile floor area just outside the restroom was still wet, and the customer slipped and fell, breaking their arm.

Also consider how important business owners coverage is for these small business owners:

  • After a holiday party, a local citizen crashed through the glass storefront window and into the store. The store carried a business personal property limit of $100,000. This was sufficient most of the year, but their sales fluctuate in December and at the beginning of the summer. In order to keep inventory to levels that are adequate for this fluctuation, the business personal property peak season bumps the limit up 25% to $125,000 during these busy times of the year.

USLI offers the protection small businesses need in order to keep their doors open during these trying times. Some of our key product advantages available for our Mainstreet Mercantile product include:

  • Many classes are eligible for preferred package
  • Can consider over 75 classes of business
  • Definition of bodily injury includes sickness or disease caused by mental anguish of emotional distress
  • Equipment breakdown, which includes free boiler inspection if required in your jurisdiction
  • Ability to consider new ventures
  • Theft available to some businesses without central station burglar alarm

Take advantage of our competitive minimum premiums, and help your small businesses thrive this holiday season. Quote this product online or over the phone, or email your underwriter.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

Mike Cabirac
Product Leader | 888-523-5545 Ext. 2556

Jacob Dawson HeadshotWritten by Jacob Dawson
December 3, 2020