Teaching May Look Different, But Coverage Does Not Change

// September 3, 2020
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Man filming himself cook for teaching purposes

Finding mental, physical and emotional enrichment is key to balancing your overall health, especially during challenging times. Both adults and children seek out specialty trainers, educators and instructors to assist with improving certain skills or even learning new ones. In the current environment, consumers are challenged to adjust to new ways of achieving this goal, as are business owners who offer instructional services.

With quarantine or shelter-in-place orders varying across the country, many instructional businesses are moving to online platforms in an effort to connect with their clients. USAtoday.com reports, “Just like the internet turned office workers into remote employees overnight, “online camps” hope to bring activities and fun to kids while keeping them safe from the health crisis.” Instructors who offer job training, educational instruction and performing arts coaching, to name a few, are being forced to make decisions on how to deliver their services. Whether the classes are online, outdoors in socially distanced settings or, in some instances, in person, the teaching and learning continues.

Oftentimes, customers view instructional businesses as those limited to children’s activities. This is not the case. Many adults are seeking opportunities for business training, continuing education opportunities, and licensing certification or renewal. Some states are modifying licensing or continuing education requirements to get professionals into the field faster in direct response to the pandemic. According to the Insurance Journal, the Texas Department of Insurance is waiving certain licensing requirements and fees and is also delaying the time frame for insurance agents and adjusters to complete other requirements.

USLI’s Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors product offers an insurance solution for over 30 eligible classes within five segments. Some of those eligible classes are:

  • Hobby Schools
    • Art
    • Cooking
    • Crafts
    • Dressmaking
    • Photography
    • Wine tasting
  • Education
    • Language
    • Public speaking
    • Reading
    • SAT/LSAT tutoring
  • Job Training
    • Bartending
    • Beauty
    • Business
    • Real estate
    • Computer
    • Massage
  • Performing Arts
    • Dance
    • Theater
    • Music
  • Athletic Training
    • Athletic instruction
    • Personal training

Some classes under the Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors product may be eligible if instruction is 100% online. Some may question the need for insurance when there is no face-to-face interaction with students; however, exposures still exist. Some of these exposures include allegations of using printed or recorded materials that are copyrighted or trademarked, which invokes a personal or advertising injury exposure. Additionally, allegations of improper instruction that cause a student to fail a licensing exam could create a professional liability claim.

Some of the Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors product advantages are:

  • No premises limitation allowing coverage to follow you offsite for school-related functions such as field trips or recitals
  • Professional liability included on most classes at no charge
  • Abuse and molestation coverage available on most classes with the option to purchase criminal or civil proceedings defense cost reimbursement
  • Blanket additional insured available
  • Host liquor coverage available as long as the insured doesn’t sell alcohol (meaning BYOB or complimentary beverages are offered)
  • Short-term policies available for specialized camps (art, dance, or theater camps, including those that are online)

Every USLI policyholder has access to our Business Resource Center, which includes discounted services applicable to instructional businesses, such as background checks, marketing resources and human resource services.

For more information or a quote, please log in at USLI.com or contact your underwriter.


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