How to Create a Better Work-From-Home Environment

// September 3, 2020
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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and on March 13, 2020, our government declared a national state of emergency. These two dates forever changed how most of us work and live in 2020. Gone are the days of driving into the office, being in public without a mask or not adhering to social distancing standards. Let’s face it: These times are our new norm but are really, really hard.

In a recent Forbes magazine article, this exact concept — that working from home is truly exhausting — is explored. We’re interacting with fewer people, we’re constantly distracted and we’re likely working longer hours and from the confines of our homes; so, how do we find balance? Self-care, thoughtful interactions and overall wellness! While it can be easier said than done, making small changes throughout your day can have a deep and lasting impact.

Take, for example, missing in-person colleague interactions; to overcome this, make the adjustment to have a videoconference meeting or a virtual happy hour. Feeling distracted and overwhelmed with home life? Include these distractions in your day by planning to spend lunch or coffee breaks with your loved ones. Not moving around as much to get your daily steps? Let USLI help!

At USLI, we recognized the benefit of viewing ourselves through the lens of the 5 Pillars of Wellness and the importance of keeping each in balance: Movement, Nutrition, Rest and Recovery, Mindful Lifestyle, and Health Checks. Moving more throughout your day and exercising regularly not only benefit you physically, but also have numerous mental health benefits and boost overall work productivity, concentration and efficiency. In addition to our annual Renewed You Wellness Challenge and quarterly wellness programs, we now offer a Work From Home Wellness Challenge for you, our customer. This comprehensive program offers:

We know this new norm is impacting every aspect of our lives, but making working from home better through wellness is just one way USLI is here to help.


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Salome HeadshotWritten by Salome Margvelashvili
September 3, 2020