Resources to Help Bar and Restaurant Owners Navigate Reopening

Hospitality and Liquor
// June 8, 2020
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Whether through curbside pickup, delivery, takeout or, in some states, dine-in service, local bars and restaurants are doing their best to stay in operation during this time. If open, they may have limited hours, capacity and staff and need to adhere to a whole new set of state-mandated guidelines. These changes can be difficult to navigate.

To best support the small businesses we work with, USLI has a unique valued-added service available to all policyholders. The Business Resource Center is an online resource with an endless amount of helpful information, discounted trainings, tips and assistance for you and your insureds.

Safety and Loss Control

As establishments move through phases of reopening, health and safety will continue to be of the utmost importance. The Business Resource Center offers discounted access to StateFoodSafety’s food handler training as well as alcohol safety training. These trainings can be done online and keep employees engaged at home. Trained and prepared staff will be more critical than ever as businesses resume on-premises operations.

The Safety and Loss Control section on the Business Resource Center website also contains information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Red Cross and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Human Resources

Many small businesses may not have an HR department, but that doesn’t mean issues won’t arise! An incredibly popular service available through the Business Resource Center during this time is the human resources hotline. This service is free to all policyholders and can be used for a variety of personnel issues.

Also included in this section are tips for hiring, coaching and terminating employees and many other administrative resources.

COVID-19 Resources

Our COVID-19 Resources page aims to simplify and centralize helpful pandemic-related information. From the most recent FAQs to discounted COVID-19 print materials, there is something useful for every insured.

As doors slowly begin to reopen, we will continue to have these resources available to our policyholders. The Business Resource Center is continually updated with the latest information and services.

Visit USLI’s Business Resource Center at, or contact your Hospitality and Liquor Lines underwriter for more information.

As always, thank you for your support and business.

Written by Emily Stones
June 4, 2020