How Can You Find Your Purpose and Best Serve Your Customers?

// June 8, 2020
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Insurance is a unique business; we are not selling a product. Instead, we are selling a promise to indemnify a covered loss for those who put their trust in us. Because of this, it is often said that insurance is a relationship-driven business. During this time, this is especially true.

So, how can you best serve the needs of your prospects and customers? Simple: Clearly define your purpose.

In a COVID-19-related article published in the Harvard Business Review, purpose is at the forefront of how to respond to those in need. For example, brands in the liquor business are repurposing and making hand sanitizer; large manufactures are repurposing their machinery to make ventilators; fashion houses are repurposing fabric to make masks.

As insurance professionals, how can we repurpose? At USLI, we partnered with one of our vendors to send meals to frontline health care workers.

How can you, our customers, help your customers? What can you repurpose? By definition, repurpose means to “adapt for use in a different purpose.” With people still needing insurance, it is important to adapt to a new way of prospecting, selling and handling accounts. Having that new driving purpose is more important now than ever before.

To assist and adapt to your needs, we have greatly expanded our offerings within our Business Resource Center. Some of our new and already existing resources that may help you and your own customers during this time include:

  • An explanation and review of the CARES Act, inclusive of a review by outside counsel
  • Marketing signage from our print vendor, Conlin’s, to support small businesses; sample signs include:
    • We’re open
    • Curbside pickup available
    • Online ordering available
  • CDC and OSHA regulation support
  • Human resources hotline
  • Food safety training
  • Disaster loan and grant assistance

In these times, ask yourself: What is your purpose? Your purpose should be to serve and support your customers. After all, when business returns to the new sense of normal, it will be the relationships that were cultivated during this time that will emerge stronger than before.

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Written by Salome Margvelashvili
June 4, 2020