Helping Your Clients Grow With the Business Resource Center

CEO Message
// March 5, 2020
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In this industry, everyone has to compete to get the business they want. So when a client walks into your office, or when you pick up the phone to get after new business, what are you offering that sets you apart from the competition? What differentiates you?

As insurance professionals, an important goal is to help companies and people mitigate their risk and protect their assets so they can continue to grow. In doing so, you can differentiate every USLI or Devon Park Specialty policy from the rest while helping your clients save time, money and energy by utilizing USLI’s Business Resource Center.

We understand that it can be costly to run a business. Small businesses in particular struggle the most with choosing where to spend their resources. The Business Resource Center can help. Whether your client needs a payroll solution or someone to talk to about a human resources issue they’re experiencing with an employee, they will find the tools they need here.

The Business Resource Center is made up of six areas of free and discounted services:


  • Human resources – a free HR hotline, discounted hiring assessments, interviewing videos and more
  • Pre-employment and tenant screenings – discounted background checks, tenant screenings and motor vehicle reports
  • Payroll and taxes – discounted payroll and tax solutions for both small and large businesses
  • Marketing – discounted promotional items, such as signage and stationery, and free resources for web and social media marketing
  • Cyber risk – free access to data breach prevention information, cost calculators and best practices, and discounted identity theft monitoring packages
  • Safety – discounted CPR and First Aid training, food and beverage safety training, youth services and more

I encourage you to explore our Business Resource Center website to get a better understanding of all that’s available. As a valued customer, all of the resources listed on the website are also available to you and your office. We hope you take advantage of these not only for growing your clients’ businesses, but also for yourself.

Warm regards,


CEO Message