Beards Are Back – Are You Ready?

// December 5, 2019
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Last month, thousands of men participated in “Movember” — a month of growing facial hair to bring awareness to men’s health. However, according to Forbes, beards and mustaches are making a serious comeback any time of year, and local barbershops have become more of an experience than a quick pit stop.

The U.S. men’s grooming market is expected to reach $26 billion by 2020, making it the fastest-growing profession in the U.S. (Spafinder). With Movember behind us and the holidays fast approaching, it is even more important that these businesses have adequate coverage for the increased exposures they face. Give your book of business a makeover this holiday season by adding barbershops and hair care to your portfolio.

USLI’s Barber Shop product was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your customers. We can offer general liability, property and professional liability for shop owners and independent contractors.

The following general liability claims show why coverage is so important:

  • A barber just finished giving a haircut and didn’t sweep up all the hair properly because the shop was very busy. The barber walked the next customer to the styling station, and the customer slipped and broke his wrist.
  • A hair stylist was using her normal hair dyeing solution on a new customer. The customer had a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals and was hospitalized for two days, resulting in payments made for medical expenses and lost wages.

USLI has the perfect product for barbershops as well as beauty salons and independent contractors. Some of our key product advantages include:

  • Professional liability on an occurrence form
  • Barber shops and beauty salons are rated based on the number of operators
  • Chair or booth renters are considered named insureds under the salon’s professional liability and general liability
  • New ventures are acceptable
  • No designated premises restriction

With quotes available online, over the phone, or through your USLI underwriter, you’ll find it easy to take advantage of our competitive minimum premiums and ease of business for your barbers shops, beauty salons and independent contractors.


As always, thank you for your support and business.

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Written by Jacob Dawson
December 5, 2019