Upcoming Holiday Bustle for Banquet Halls and Caterers

// September 5, 2019
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The last day of summer is just weeks away. For banquet halls and caterers, this means busy season is around the corner — the holidays are quickly approaching, and event hosts are likely beginning to plan their celebrations.

Whether for a holiday party, a wedding, a fundraiser or a reunion, banquet halls and caterers step in and handle the hefty planning to-do list. This typically includes event details like booking a venue, setting up decorations and preparing food. Accordingly, these services help party planners save time and money.

Most banquet halls and caterers have their own staff to help with event logistics. Not only will the staff assist with setting up an event, they also handle clean-up and take-down services after the event. Banquet halls might also offer equipment to party hosts, such as linens, silverware and furniture. (Some banquet halls even provide interior decorating services.)

If event hosts choose to forgo hiring a caterer, most banquet halls have their own in-house catering service that can be utilized. Regardless of whether a catering service is in-house or off-premises, it can alleviate the stress of having to shop for and prepare food for guests.

As busy season begins, banquet halls and caterers must have the proper insurance coverage in place. The Devon Park Specialty Banquet Halls and Caterers products are specifically designed for owners who rent their premises and owners of catering operations for parties, weddings, meetings and more.

Advantages of these products include:

  • Liability coverage limits up to $2 million/$4 million
  • No liability deductible
  • Liquor liability coverage available
  • Equipment breakdown coverage with $250,000 of food spoilage

For banquet halls, additional advantages include:

  • Renting catering space to others is eligible
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage is available

For caterers, additional advantages include:

  • Blanket additional insured
  • Waiver of subrogation
  • Inland marine coverage up to $500,000

Contact your Commercial Lines underwriter to learn more about how our Banquet Halls and Caterers products can assist with coverage.


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Written by Danielle Conner
September 5, 2019