Preparing Your People – Fundamentals First On Demand Now Available

CEO Message
// June 6, 2019
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Over twelve years ago, we created the Fundamentals First training program in response to a need that we saw from our customers for training people who are new to the insurance industry. The program has allowed people with no insurance background to contribute more quickly in our customers’ offices by helping them to learn the foundations and understand the insurance business. With almost one thousand graduates in the past twelve years, our USLI University team has looked to find ways to bring this program to more people, and I’m happy to announce our latest learning opportunity: Fundamentals First On Demand.

While we still offer our two-week onsite Fundamentals First program, we realized the need to scale the program to make it accessible to a wider audience. Fundamentals First is an insurance learning boot camp that we offer three times per year. You send your newer people to our office in Wayne, Pennsylvania for two weeks, and we teach them basic insurance concepts, the lines of insurance, sales strategies, presentation skills and more. While we fully believe in the value that this onsite program brings, we understand it might be difficult for some of your people to travel here in order to attend.

With Fundamentals First On Demand, you can participate at your own pace, without ever leaving your desk, and still interact with our instructors who have years of experience in both the insurance and training industries. It’s a tremendous experience that can help prepare someone who is new to the industry for their role. We’re excited to hear what you think of this on-demand experience and how we can continue to help you going forward.

Your success is our success, so when it comes to training your people, we want USLI University to be a training solution in your office. Whether you have someone who can utilize it now or later on, this is a value-added service that is available for you when the time comes. I encourage you to invest in learning, and sign up today.

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CEO Message