Here’s a Tip for Your Bartenders

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// June 6, 2019
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In 2018, alcohol sales in the U.S. reached an astonishing $253.8 billion (The Drinks Business). This was a $12.4 billion increase from 2017. Aside from a lot of zeros, these figures mean a huge opportunity for the liquor liability insurance industry. Anyone in the business of selling, serving or distributing alcohol has a need for coverage.

USLI has a broad appetite for hospitality and liquor products, but let’s go behind the bar and tap into one of our more unique products: bartending services.

From crafting elegant cocktails to cracking open local beer, bartenders are at the center of alcohol service. The Bureau of Labor Statistics determined there are over half a million bartenders working in the U.S. As alcohol sales are rising, it is not a surprise that the number of bartenders is expected to increase 10% by 2024. As these numbers continue to grow, so does the need for a competitive insurance product for associated risks.

A liquor liability loss for a bartending service can be a long and expensive process. For example, a bartending service was serving drinks at a networking event. After the event, one of the guests was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The injured parties brought suit against the venue, the host and the bartending service for negligent service of alcohol. A bartending services policy would respond to defend the litigation and, if appropriate, pay up to the limits of liability for the damages sustained.

USLI has a simple unscheduled policy that provides annual coverage for bartending services.

Product eligibility includes:

  • New or existing ventures
  • Licensed or unlicensed operations
  • Capacity for up to 600 events annually
  • No cap for number of employees

Some features of the product include:

  • Up to $1 million/$2 million limits
  • Assault and battery coverage up to full limits in most states
  • Blanket additional insured coverage
  • Expense costs outside the policy limits

Overall, the number of independent bartenders and bartending services is continuing to grow at a rate more rapid than the average increase of all other occupations. USLI is offering a competitive solution, making quoting, binding and renewing annually a simple process. They may be behind the bar, but bartenders are at the front of our minds with this coverage.

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Written by Emily Stones
June 6, 2019