DIY Trends Are Causing an Uptick in Artisan Renovations

// March 7, 2019
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Do-it-yourself projects have been on the rise over the past several years. However, this trend is not causing a decrease in the need for specialty contractors. It has actually had quite the opposite effect.

Consumers are investing more than ever in renovation projects that require the expertise of a skilled contractor. According to Insurance Market Source, in 2017, building owners and tenants spent over $317 billion in renovation costs. This number has steadily increased since then, with expectations increasing over 5 percent through this year (National Association of Home Builders).

The increase in these projects has caused a domino effect. The immediate effect is an increased need for contractors. This, in turn, means a greater need for insurance. More contractor risks mean more of a need for knowledgeable brokers and agents who are adept at identifying the coverage needs of their clients.

Understanding the coverages a contractor needs equates to understanding the nature of the work and operations they perform. Contractors must also be made aware of the coverage their policy provides. The following claim example demonstrates the importance of both.

M & B Painting LLC has a general liability policy in force to cover their painting business. The class code listed on their policy is “interior painting,” and the policy has a Classification Limitation endorsement. M & B Painting LLC decides to take on a project to paint the exterior of a residential home. Using a spray painter on a windy day, the company causes $750,000 in property damage to the cars at the neighboring car dealership. The overspray claim is denied because “exterior painting” was not listed as a class on the policy, leaving M & B Painting LLC to pay the claim out of pocket.

Let USLI be the answer to all of your specialty trade contractor coverage needs. Not only have we been in the market over 30 years, but we can also offer comprehensive coverage and write more than 40 eligible classes of artisan and trade contractors. Features of our Artisan/Trade Contractors product include:

  • General liability limits up to $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate
  • Excess and umbrella coverage available up to $5 million
  • No liability deductible
  • Blanket additional insured available
  • Additional insured with completed operations available
  • Full contractual liability available for eligible risks
  • Ability to include contractors equipment coverage

Please contact your Commercial Lines underwriter for more information or a quote, or quote online today.


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Meghan RitterWritten by Meghan Ritter
March 7, 2019