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// December 6, 2018
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According to a Pew Research Center study, 74 percent of adults are considered lifelong learners. This is because 74 percent of adults have participated in an activity to further their personal or professional knowledge. On the professional side, 63 percent of adults have participated in professional learning such as continuing education credits, which are required in the insurance industry.

As today’s marketplace continues to evolve, many people are forced to turn to professional learning opportunities to enhance their current skills or develop new ones. This has led to an increase in the number of adult education and training schools popping up all over the U.S. One of the new opportunities that demonstrates this growth is the increase in what are called “coding boot camps.” This is a program developed to teach individuals how to write software code. According to, the enrollment in these boot camps has grown by 900 percent since 2013.

It’s not just schools with programs designed to enhance job skills that are seeing growth; there has also been an uptick in training schools for bartending, photography, cooking, crafts, wine tasting and beer making. A quick Google search brings up pages of learning facilities offering classes to those who seek continuing education.

All of these specialty training school startups present a new opportunity to offer solutions to new prospects. At USLI, we have developed a comprehensive package of coverage for 30 different classes of specialty training schools under our Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors product.

Some of our key product advantages available on most classes include:

  • Professional liability
  • Medical payments for students
  • Abuse and molestation sub-limits
  • Blanket additional insured endorsement
  • Short-term policies
  • No premises limitation
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Ability to consider risks with up to $2,000,000 in annual sales
  • Access to USLI’s Business Resource Center
  • Ability to quote over the phone
  • Eligible for over-the-phone binding in most states

With quotes available online, over the phone, or through your USLI underwriter, today is a great day to learn more about this product.

For more information about our Specialty Educators, Trainers and Instructors product, please contact your Commercial Lines Underwriter.


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David_FordWritten by David Ford
December 6, 2018