Food and Beverage Training Too Expensive? The Business Resource Center Can Help!

// December 6, 2018
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “roughly 1 in 6 Americans become ill due to a foodborne illness. These outbreaks can and do get serious. On average, 128,000 people are hospitalized each year and about 3,000 of these people will die because of foodborne viruses.”

How can a restaurant owner prevent their patrons from becoming victims of this type of food and beverage claim? One way is to implement sanitary protocols, train staff and require food management and alcohol safety certifications.

At USLI, one of our great value-added services is our Business Resource Center, which has been offering free and discounted services to our policyholders for the past 10 years. We are happy to announce a new feature, the Food Handler Training and Food Manager Certification. This service prepares the small business owner to implement food safety practices and systems, maintain a safe and hygienic food service operation and oversee the training and daily practices of hourly food workers to prevent the spread of foodborne illness. This program will also prepare certification candidates to sit for any of the nationally-accredited Certified Food Protection Manager exams.

Smaller restaurants can suffer devastating losses due to alcohol-related accidents and fatalities. Alcohol Safety Training, now available through the Business Resource Center, provides Alcohol Seller Server Certification through Our online alcohol server training is the easiest and fastest way for our policyholders to obtain certification. Once they create an account, policyholders can log in from any computer and train anytime, anywhere. The cost is only $11 per server for a three-year certification.

The Business Resource Center is a valuable value-added service that provides tools and training for the small business owner that they would not normally have access to, including human resources support, hiring and recruiting, discounted pre-employment background checks and cyber risk awareness and prevention.

Why let your customers struggle on their own, managing crises such as foodborne illness and alcohol-related claims? Get to know our Business Resource Center, and let them know that we can help!

As always, thank you for your support and business.

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Written by Cindy Woods
December 6, 2018