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// June 7, 2018
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According to Statista, fast food sales in the U.S. were close to $200 billion in 2017. There are over 250,000 establishments, and the industry is anticipated to grow by 3 percent in 2018. There has also been a surge in healthier fast food alternatives such as Honeygrow, Noodles & Company, Zoe’s Kitchen and numerous juice and smoothie bars.

While these fast food establishments seem to be more popular than ever, the nature of expedited cooking can lead to a large exposure to kitchen fires and slip and fall claims. Alcoholic beverages have also made a recent debut in some fast food establishments. Whether consumption is on-premises or takeout, liquor liability is a very important exposure to consider. The following claim examples show why these establishments need to secure the right coverage:

  • A cook was preparing food for the day prior to the restaurant opening. A fire started inside the stove from an accumulation of grease that ignited. The Ansul system did not discharge since the fire did not reach the sensors, leading to over $58,000 in damages.
  • At a soup café, the soups sit in buckets of hot water to keep them warm. An employee switched out several of the soups and unknowingly dripped water on the floor. A patron slipped on the wet floor and sustained a serious hip injury with $67,000 in medical costs.
  • A patron purchased a six-pack at a local fast food establishment. Later in the afternoon, this patron caused an auto accident. The claim is currently open and the legal fees to date exceed $15,000.

USLI offers a comprehensive package policy including property, general liability and liquor liability for fast food accounts. Today, the product is offered in 48 states. We are admitted for property/general liability in 33 states and admitted for liquor liability in 22 states.

Our comprehensive preferred package policy has many features, including:

  • Product can be quoted online or on the phone
  • Written as a preferred package (USLI’s businessowners package offering)
  • Property enhancement endorsement available
  • No general liability or liquor liability deductible
  • No classification limitation endorsement
  • No premises limitation endorsement on the general liability
  • Assault or battery coverage included for no additional premium in most states
  • Expense costs, including defense, are outside the limit of liability
  • Fifteen percent credit is available for responsible risks with all servers completing a certificate granting alcohol awareness training program

With over a quarter of Americans consuming fast food weekly, there’s no better time to write this business with USLI!

Make sure that your fast food customers know their exposures and are properly protected from loss with USLI’s Fast Food product. Please contact your Hospitality and Liquor Lines underwriter for more information or a quote.


As always, thank you for your support and business.

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Leah SangerWritten by Leah Sanger
June 7, 2018