Are You Setting Your Sales People Up For Success?

CEO Message
// June 7, 2018
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When did you last reflect on what it’s like for a new person to join your sales force or how your current sales people are performing? Do they feel prepared? Are they practicing good selling habits? Are they representing your organization the way you would want them to? To see success among your sales people, it’s important to practice a culture of always trying to get better. So if you’re not seeing the results you expect, it might be time to call a different play.

Many companies understandably hire producers to fill an immediate need, and these individuals are often thrown into the deep end to see if they sink or swim, but is this the way to really develop a sales culture in your organization? Sales is about preparedness, growth and accountability, and it can be taught and learned. So the first step is to prepare now for the future by investing in your hiring process today. Look for individuals who are eager to learn and resilient enough to fall down and pick themselves up again and again and again.

Also, hold your people accountable. When you feel confident in the people you do have, make sure they’re serving as good role models for others. If some of your sales people are practicing poor selling habits, the others in your office will be affected, and sales will suffer. You can’t fast track years of sales experience. Experience happens over time by instilling best practices and giving and receiving feedback.

This promotes a culture of growth. As business professionals, we’re never done learning. Access to training will help your people get better, but it’s also important to give them a space where they can fail and do it over again until they get it right. Teaching sales skills in the classroom provides a terrific foundation, but practicing those skills is equally critical.

We’ve heard feedback from many of you about your sales people and the need for training, which is why we developed our Sales Degrees, offered through USLI University. We hope to help you and your people prepare, grow and practice accountability. Our three-tier program is designed for a variety of experience levels.

Our Associate of Sales focuses on the fundamentals of selling, the Bachelor of Sales continues to build on fundamental concepts while applying skills and the Master of Sales requires participants to demonstrate their skills in an actual sales meeting. We understand that it takes a lot to invest in developing good sales habits and that you can’t teach everything at once, which is why we took this three-tier approach.

At the end of the day, everyone has an impact on sales. From underwriters to customer service representatives, a lot of people manage a lot of different types of accounts and have sales interactions; it’s critical that everyone in your organization understands the goal and how they impact results. I encourage you to challenge your current processes. Don’t accept the normal – learn something new. By assessing what obstacles you have with your sales people, you’ll be able to create sustainable, positive change for your business.

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