Off-Premises Caterers’ Coverage Available on an Annual or Per-Event Basis

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// March 8, 2018
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Spring is soon upon us and the season for special events, particularly weddings, is fast approaching. Many of you, our valued customers, are aware that USLI offers special event coverage for event hosts and sponsors, but you may not be aware that special event coverage is also available for vendors at events, including off-premises caterers.

Some caterers pursue their calling on a part-time basis, so they work only occasionally. This type of caterer does not require annual catering coverage and would prefer to purchase coverage on an event-by-event basis. USLI can accommodate this need with special event vendor coverage for general liability and liquor liability needs. In addition, some full-time caterers are principally involved in food catering and only occasionally serve alcohol as an accommodation to their clients. These caterers may have an annual general liability policy (which USLI offers), but may purchase liquor liability coverage for the infrequent events when they serve alcohol.

The following claim example brings the liquor liability exposure into clear focus:

An off-premises caterer was responsible for service of alcohol supplied by a host at an anniversary party. One of the guests had a few drinks and left the party with two friends. On the way home, their vehicle struck a tree. One passenger was paralyzed from the neck down, and the other suffered extensive injuries including permanent facial scarring. Both injured parties sued the caterer for serving an allegedly intoxicated person. Legal costs have exceeded $70,000 and the claims are currently reserved at $500,000.

USLI has the perfect Special Event product to protect off-premises caterers with infrequent exposures, featuring:

  • Limits up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000 for general liability and liquor liability
    • In CA, FL and NY, we offer up to $5,000,000/$5,000,000 general liability limits and up to $3,000,000/$3,000,000 liquor liability limits for events under 500 attendees
  • Caterers not required to have a liquor license
  • Liquor liability coverage available within the 41 eligible states for USLI
  • Building owner additional insured coverage available
  • Assault or battery coverage included for no additional premium in most states
  • Expense costs, including defense, are outside the limit of liability
  • No deductible

Off-premises caterers often work part time, but still must be careful to have adequate coverage when work is available. Even though spring and summer are the most popular catering seasons, the exposure exists even if the work is infrequent. Make sure that your catering customers know their exposure and are properly protected from loss. Please contact your Hospitality and Liquor Lines underwriter for more information or a quote.


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Written by Jeff Estabrook
March 8, 2018