How Community Fitness Events Support New Year’s Resolutions

// March 8, 2018
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Every January 1, thousands of people set a personal goal and make a promise to do something differently during the year ahead. The majority of these resolutions are health-related, such as eating better and losing weight, and worth sticking with throughout the entire year. Sadly, most people don’t stick with their resolutions.

According to University of Pennsylvania research
, only 77 percent of resolutions are still on track after a week into the new year. That number decreases to 40 percent for those who continue to stay on course after six months.

Even though the snow storms are starting to subside and the warm weather is quickly approaching, there’s still time to get your resolutions back on track. All personal goals require motivation and commitment. When it comes to health-related resolutions, studies indicate that support systems are essential.

In recent years, the popularity of fitness social events has increased drastically. Not only do fitness social events promote commitment to personal goals, but they also make working out fun. Spring weather encourages outdoor activities, so now is the time local communities and nonprofit organizations start to host walkathon, 5K or 10K or marathon events. Other activities growing in popularity are CrossFit, weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions.

All of these fitness social events can assist in keeping individuals on track to achieve their resolutions, and the Devon Park Specialty and USLI Special Events product can provide the insurance coverage. Our product provides coverage for those holding a broad range of public or private events with up to 20,000 attendees or consumers. We offer separate limits for general liability and liquor liability coverage with no deductibles, and we can consider one-day or multi-day events.

Our coverage extends for events that run past midnight, and we can even offer set-up or take-down coverage. Also, property owners can be added as additional insureds at no charge, and we provide automatic coverage for volunteers, temporary or lease workers and committee members.

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Danielle ConnerWritten by Danielle Conner
March 8, 2018