Do You Aspire to Leadership: Why?

// March 8, 2018
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Leadership is hard. In his book, Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell reminds us that in leadership, “everything you do matters because your team is watching…and depending on you to do the right thing.”

Whether you’ve never been in a leadership role or have many years’ experience, it’s important to reflect and ask yourself, “why leadership?” Some people think they would be good leaders because they like to coach and help others. Some see leadership as a way to move ahead in their careers. But have we taken the time to think about what leadership actually entails and whether we have what it takes to be a good leader?

There are some basic principles that can help you determine whether leadership is really for you. Here are five that are critical to effective leadership:

  • Trust. Do people trust you because they know you have their best interests always in the forefront of the decisions you make? Do you lead others with their personal growth in mind? Trust is earned over time, not given to you because you are in a leadership role.
  • Empathy. Are you able to “stand in their shoes,” to really get to know your people on a personal level? Do you know and care about what they care about, or are your decisions based on your own needs and opinions?
  • Daily self-examination. Can you invest the time in looking at yourself in the mirror with a critical eye? Can you identify your shortcomings each day and how you can improve? Do you also give yourself credit for your successes with the intention of getting even better at what you’ve done well and improving where necessary?
  • Authenticity. Are you real? Do you admit your mistakes or blame others? Are you aware of any hidden agendas in yourself and others? Are you able to expose your own vulnerabilities or do you feel you always need to be “right”?
  • Always Doing the Right Thing. Are you aware enough to recognize what your gut and heart are telling you is right and wrong, or do you rationalize your decisions? Are you humble enough to ask others for help in making difficult decisions? Do you examine the factors that led to your decisions after the fact?

Leadership takes courage and hard work. While leadership can be rewarding, it can also challenge you in ways you never imagined. So how can you get better? USLI University can help!

USLI University is proud to bring you the Associate of Leadership and Bachelor of Leadership degrees, designed to build your skill and confidence as you grow in your leadership role. On-demand courses, webinars and hands-on challenges will help you recognize your areas of strength and improvement. It may also help you answer the important question: “Why leadership?”

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Written by Cindy Woods
Second Vice President, Executive Director of Curriculum and Educational Program Development,
USLI University | 888-523-5545 Ext. 2292
March 8, 2018