Setting Goals for 2018: Let Us Help!

// December 6, 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

According to an article in the online newsletter,, “however big or small, goals motivate everyone in virtually everything they do. A goal may be as simple as ‘buy milk’ or as complex as ‘develop a sustainable 10-year business plan.’ In either case, you know what you have to do.

Setting goals for the employees at your small business changes their behavior as well. A clear, attainable goal can light a fire under even the most unmotivated employees. You simply have to understand what aspect of the goal speaks to their needs and make it appeal to them.”

Because goals must also be supported, training is a key component of helping employees reach their goals. Whether you run a small office with little access to training or a large organization with its own training department, USLI University is here to help you and your teams become motivated and successful business professionals.

For smaller offices, for example, we can personalize your training plan by developing a curriculum that meets your needs. For those of you with larger offices that may already offer training, our classes can provide additional support in the form of leadership and sales training, all free of charge!

With our easy to navigate website, we’ve been able to expand our curriculum in each of our disciplines – Insurance, Sales, Leadership and Professional Development, and you can easily access all of them in many ways:

  • On-site Learning
    • Sign up to attend one of our hands-on, in-person training sessions that are suited for learners of all experience levels – topics include insurance, sales and leadership education
  • Specialized Degree Programs
    • Dig deep into leadership or sales by matriculating for one of our degrees
  • Streaming Experiences
    • For those who can’t make it in-person, join us live for a webinar or another streamed course as our seasoned professionals present in real time
  • On-demand Classes
    • Learn at your own pace with our pre-recorded webinars and courses that you can stop and start at any time
  • Learning Advisor
    • Not sure where to start? Call our learning advisor to help you create a training curriculum and process for your company through individual consulting and curriculum development
  • Transcript of Courses Taken
    • Map out your  individual training plans and track progress along the way

As you learn and train with USLI University, keep in mind that:

  • We provide tools you can access repeatedly to help answer questions and train others
  • We meet you where you want to be met and you choose how you want to learn
  • We can help you recruit and compete for talent by offering structured training

As we end 2017, let’s make 2018 a year of successful goal achievement! Let USLI University be a part of that success!

Go to to get started!

As always, thank you for your support and business.

Written by Cindy Woods
Second Vice President, Executive Director of Curriculum and Educational Program Development,
USLI University | 888-523-5545 Ext. 2292
December 7, 2017