Renewed You 2018 – Developing Mindfulness for a Healthier You

CEO Message
// December 6, 2017
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Have you ever thought about the benefits of being more mindful every day? When we slow down, fully engage in each moment and develop an awareness of everything around us, we can become fully present in our lives. By focusing on each moment, each task and each person, the everyday decisions that we have to make will become clearer.

The path to wellness is similar. A healthy, mindful approach leads the way towards having a healthy body. By staying mindful in everything we do, it is possible to make great strides towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Many of you already know about and have participated in our annual Renewed You Wellness Challenge, but this year we’re taking a unique approach towards incorporating mindfulness along with the important fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. If you’ve been struggling with nutrition and fitness, I encourage you to reflect and ask yourself how changing your mindset might make a difference. Whether it is your perception of lack of time, fear of failure, or difficulty getting started, there is an answer with the right mindset.

Renewed You 2018: Mindful Movement, our 14-week fitness and nutrition program starting January 8, 2018, will push you to accomplish things you may never have expected. With several levels of exercises, everyone is encouraged to participate – you can adjust week to week and can also consult with our fitness specialists for additional modifications and coaching. We’ll also provide you with other challenges each week to help you make good nutritional choices, and, of course, to make sure you’re staying mindful, taking advantage of what the program has to offer and setting a healthy mindset for the future.

All customers who complete the challenge in its entirety will be entered in a drawing to win one of five $2,000 travel vouchers for a vacation of your choice.

Registration is open now – we look forward to having you join us in this mindful fitness movement!

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CEO Message