After-School Programs Improving Student Performance

// September 7, 2017
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The number of youth organizations is on the rise, and their high demand is becoming clearer. With the relaxing days of summer behind us and school back in full swing, the focus has shifted from keeping children and young adults occupied with outdoor activities to meeting their academic responsibilities through various after-school programs.

While our schools are pushing to produce top-performing students, the U.S. graduation rate, an area it once dominated, is rapidly slipping behind China and India. Though many factors have contributed to this development, particularly noteworthy is China and India’s strong concentration on STEM in their flourishing universities, according to Forbes.

Engineering for Kids says that STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is important not only due to the growing demand for jobs in those areas, but because it helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math and science fields. While the U.S. still lags behind, a growing number of STEM organizations are popping up in the form of after-school programs to help students meet their potential and close the gap on graduation rates.

In addition to STEM, Big Brother/Big Sister organizations are expanding, according to an article in The Atlantic Philanthropies. Approximately 3 million adult volunteers are involved in formal, one-on-one mentoring relationships with young people, an increase of 19 percent (500,000 mentors) since 2002.

Big Brother/Big Sister mentors offer emotional support for young students, which can lead to increased confidence, school achievement and motivation to stay on the right path.

While after-school organizations like STEM and Big Brother/Big Sister are helping U.S. students get ahead of the curve, they can find themselves liable for claims that include but are not limited to:

  • Bodily injury
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Contract violations
  • Breach of duty
  • Discrimination
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Defense costs

With the growing number of nonprofit organizations catering to this need for after-school programs, USLI offers a variety of insurance and value-added solutions for them under the Nonprofit Package Team’s Social Services product. Our comprehensive package policy offers:

  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Property
  • Abuse and molestation
  • Directors and officers
  • Employment practices
  • Hired and non-owned auto
  • Special events
  • Crime

In addition, our newly broadened Social Services product classes include, but are not limited to youth community centers, learning disorder services, mental health counseling, overnight trips with youth, and programs for those with special needs.

USLI’s Business Resource Center also provides value-added resources that greatly benefit social service organizations, such as the ability to upload digital permission slips and waivers, discounted background checks, marketing safety, cyber breach and much more.

Please contact your Nonprofit Package underwriter today for more information about our ever-growing Social Services product!


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Kristin LoganWritten by Kristin Logan
September 7, 2017