New Leadership Program Coming This Fall

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// June 6, 2017
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Over the years, USLI University and Customers’ College have seen great participation from our customer base, whether it be technical insurance training, participation in our Fundamentals First Program or a wide variety of our professional development courses.

CEO-message-Tom-Nerney-USLIIn our last newsletter, we announced our sales degrees as the newest piece of our ever growing curriculum.  We are excited to say that our three-tier sales degree program, which includes the associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, has generated a lot of interest within our customer offices.

One of the requests we’ve also received over the years from many agency owners is for a leadership development program similar to what USLI provides for our leadership team. So in response to your feedback, we are developing a leadership curriculum that we’re very excited about, and we know that it will bring a lot of value to your teams as they grow and develop.

While a large focus in the insurance industry is on bringing in business and technical training, many of you will agree that there has been a lack of training in leadership. It’s interesting that in a recent leadership study featured in Training Magazine, 36 percent of organizations reported having below average or poor leadership development practices, while another 34 percent reported having only average practices. As our industry grows and we continue to hire, train and promote people, there will be a need to support the leadership development of our future leaders. We’re hoping to fill the gap that currently exists in this area for you.

Our leadership curriculum, which will be released this fall, is comprised of an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. Building on what we call our USLI Leadership with Heart principles, the coursework will challenge participants to assess their leadership skills, identify areas of improvement and track development throughout the curriculum. Coursework will include weekly challenges, reading assignments, on-demand and onsite training, exams, and leadership advice offered by experienced USLI professionals.

In our fast-paced industry, you may not always have time to focus on training, but development is critical to the success of any organization. USLI University continues to assist with providing the resources that you need. Exceptional leadership can create strong teams and individual contributors. More importantly, exceptional leaders help build trust, loyalty and confidence in their teams so that your business continues to grow and flourish.

For more information about our upcoming leadership program or if you have questions about what USLI University has to offer, please contact Kristen Iannarelli, Chief Learning Officer, at 888-523-5545, Ext. 2455.

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