New Sales Curriculum from USLI University

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// March 16, 2017
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Get up, get out and get after it. These words have never been truer for one sector of business professionals in particular: salespeople.

USLI-U-LogoSelling anything, whether it’s insurance or cars, requires grit and an ability to create valuable relationships with customers to achieve success. Salespeople are the driving force behind marketing who you are as a company, and they need more than a quick seminar or webinar to drive results and be the best they can be.

That’s why we developed a new curriculum specifically for our customers who are in a sales role. I believe these professionals can benefit from a challenging program that offers something beyond the basics where they can learn how to build a deeper, broader relationship with their clients. Like your sales goals, we’re interested in results, which is what we focus on in this curriculum – building a customer base and closing the sale. This is what you’ve told us is important, and this is what we want to deliver.

It starts with our Associate of Sales Degree, a degree designed for salespeople with less than two years of insurance sales experience. The curriculum builds the groundwork and foundational concepts of our sales strategy.

From there, individuals will move on to the Bachelor of Sales Degree, which is designed to supplement the Associate of Sales Degree. The program encourages the application of specific sales skills while challenging individuals to approach their own strategy in a new way. Finally, the Master of Sales Degree encourages interactive learning in group role plays and feedback sessions.

Our hope is that this three-tier approach to learning gives your salespeople ongoing education specific to what they do every day. We purposely extended this learning experience across three degrees so your people have a long-term plan for getting better in their roles.

For more information regarding our new sales curriculum, please contact Amanda Mattis, Director of Sales Training for USLI University, or, start matriculating in our new program today >>

Remember, the effort each of us puts into what we do today will affect our success in the future. When it comes to education, it’s important to invest in yourself and in your people, and USLI University was created to provide meaningful learning experiences for you, our valued customers.

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