Mitigating Exposures for Sports Organizations Despite Potential Risks

// March 13, 2017
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According to USA Today, sports participation in today’s society is very popular with over 45 million American children participating in organized sports. Sports participation is so popular because people either want to live a healthy lifestyle or have fun. An active lifestyle can help ensure long-term health for both children and adults; however, participants and organizations should be aware of the hazards.

Participation in sports increases the likelihood of sustaining an injury, especially for children, who make up the majority of sports participation. It is estimated that over 3.5 million children suffer a sport-related injury each year, and more than 1.35 million children sustain injuries that require hospital visits (Johns Hopkins Medicine). These injuries can range in severity from the common strains, sprains and fractures to severe concussions.

Concussions account for approximately 12 percent of all emergency room visits, with over 47 percent of all concussions sustained by youth athletes (USA Today). This is concerning because research has shown that younger athletes take more time to heal and are more susceptible to suffer concussions later in life.

Sound risk management practices can help mitigate these exposures. Up-to-date sports equipment will ensure the participants are using the best and safest equipment that can ultimately reduce the chance of injury. Requiring waivers of liability will notify participants of the inherent dangers of the sport they are partaking in. Adhering to concussion laws and implementing policies and procedures will help these organizations handle injuries.

Sports-related injuries are not the only exposure sports organizations face. Depending on the scope of operations, exposures can include:

  • Spectator safety
  • Travel safety
  • Fundraising events
  • Funds management

Spectator injury can be severe. According to an ESPN article, an amateur baseball team in New Jersey incurred over $150,000 in claims expenses due to a spectator injury from an overthrown baseball. Implementing the appropriate risk management practices such as facility maintenance/upkeep, proper training and employee/volunteer screening can help alleviate these exposures in order to ensure long-term success for the organization.

USLI offers a variety of insurance and value-added solutions for sports organizations. Our comprehensive package policy offers:

  • Property
  • General liability
  • Inland marine
  • Crime
  • Directors and officers
  • Employment practices
  • Optional accident and health for youth-only organizations
  • Participant legal liability coverage and abuse and molestation limits up to $1 million available for youth-only organizations
  • Certain special events and assault or battery coverages are included at no additional charge

USLI’s Business Resource Center also provides value-added resources that greatly benefit youth organizations such as discounted background checks, concussion training, child abuse policies and much more.

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Written by and contact Michael Plakis
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March 16, 2017