Help Us Find Five Suspects

// March 6, 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes


Cyber hackers and rogue employees have been terrorizing Coverage Town! Can you help us find the five suspects?

Crime Scene 1  

Home Run Sporting Goods was targeted by a hacker and was hit with a data breach, exposing credit and debit card numbers with expiration dates. State law required the Home Run to report the breach and notify its customers. The store had to spend over $250,000 to hire a firm to conduct forensics to determine all those affected, re-secure its network, send out notification letters and set up credit monitoring for those affected.

Another sighting!

A Coverage Town Medical employee was recently terminated from a local doctor’s office and decided to steal a laptop containing medical records of 500 patients. The employee posted sensitive information on their social media page about several patients from the practice. One of the patients, who is a prominent figure in the community, sued the doctor for $750,000 for damage to his reputation. The doctor also had to pay a $25,000 fine for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations.

A hacker strikes again!

Isaac’s Insurance Agency’s secretary was tricked into sending 100 W-2 forms for employees in multiple offices to a hacker. The hacker had gathered information on the agency, created a fake email account for the Isaac the CEO and acted while Isaac was out of town on vacation. The agency had to pay expenses for notification costs and credit monitoring as well as hire a PR firm to restore their image.

Watch out!

Help Is Here is a local nonprofit providing social services to low-income families, including free medical services and substance abuse treatment. Help Is Here has the proper security in place to protect the medical information they collect; however, a hacker exploits a vulnerability to a software update, gains access to all of their private information and sells it on the internet. The state accuses them of privacy law violations and sets up hearings to decide if fines will be assessed. Help Is Here spends $25,000 to defend themselves, and they are ultimately fined $35,000.

Another crime committed!

A rogue Bobbie’s Burgers employee implanted a skimming device on the restaurant’s POS system. The employee was collecting names, credit card numbers and expiration dates for five months before the device was detected. Thousands of customers had to be notified, and the customers banded together to bring a class action lawsuit against Bobby’s Burgers for costs incurred, credit monitoring and recovering lost funds and expenses incurred in clearing their identity.

Help us save Coverage Town!

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