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// December 8, 2016
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Eduardo owns a small daycare in a Spanish-speaking community with a staff of four. He knows he needs insurance, but as a member of a Hispanic community whose primary language is Spanish, he is looking for an agent who speaks his language and who can help explain his insurance needs and what’s available to him. He’s not sure where to turn. Eduardo is not alone; he is part of the 20 percent of Hispanic business owners who still prefer to communicate in Spanish (Geoscape).

According to the 2015 State of Latino Entrepreneurship report, between the years 2007-2012, the number of Latino-owned businesses grew by 46.9 percent compared to the 0.7 percent of non-Latino owned businesses. The Latino Business Action Network also reports that these businesses are also growing at three times the rate of the national average! What does this mean for companies that provide insurance for businesses? It means that, as insurance professionals with a largely Hispanic customer base, we can help empower our potential insureds by providing them with the materials that help them understand the impact of our products in the success of their businesses.

Why is this important? Establishing relationships is critical in our business, and knowing the needs and speaking the language of your Latino community will bring the loyalty to your agency that is a part of the Latino culture. Despite the changing trends within the Hispanic community due to the increasing number of Latinos being born and raised in the U.S., Latinos are still loyal to their brands because they know what to expect from the brands they support and are less likely to be disappointed by them (Latin Post and Mintel). Interacting with them through these materials is not only a way to bridge the gap in the linguistic and cultural understanding between you and the Spanish-speaking insured, but it is also a way to establish trust and a long-standing relationship between the insured and the product you are selling.

USLI is dedicated to education, and part of that is reaching out to our customers and their insureds to explain the peace of mind our coverage options, products and services offer. Empower your Spanish-speaking customers by providing valuable information about an essential part of their business—getting the proper coverage—in their native language.

USLI can help by providing marketing materials designed especially for your Hispanic customers. From artisan trade contractors to residential day cares, we provide an ample range of colorful materials to keep your customers informed and to create an authentic selling experience for you. We provide three types of customizable pieces to help you effectively sell and meet your needs and your insureds’ needs.

Want to know what pieces are available today? Visit our Spanish marketing materials page to start customizing >>

As always, thank you for your support and business.

Written by Cindy Woods
December 8, 2016

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