Exploding “In by 2, Out by 5” and Evolving Our Service Promise

CEO Message
// September 14, 2016
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One of our goals at USLI is to “Be the #1 Service Company within the Insurance Industry.” In pursuit of this goal, many years ago we created an “in by 2 p.m., out by 5 p.m.” service promise for all submissions. To set ourselves apart within the industry, we’ve always felt that being able to implement this type of turnaround would show our ability to offer unparalleled speed and service to you, our valued customers.

TomNerneyIn the spirit of continuous improvement, we will always take time out to reflect on our service delivery.  Recently, our team members have been assessing how we can get better at handling each and every submission your office brings to us. During this self-examination, we realized while “in by 2 p.m., out by 5 p.m.” brought us value in the marketplace, it may also have caused us to miss opportunities.

Our service promise to you, our customer, is to no longer worry about when a piece of business comes in our door, but rather address that submission like there is nothing else on our desk. Good customer service is about being fluid, evolving and making adjustments along the way.  We will treat every submission with the high urgency and thorough underwriting it deserves, regardless of the time of day it is received in our office. We want USLI’s quote to be the first quote on your desk.

As our company evolves with the industry, our mindset needs to shift and I felt it was important for you to know we are actively in pre-hab with our service promises. We will continue to offer and improve our instant phone and web quote options, as well as work toward improving our service promise on all submissions.

Our teams are excited about this initiative and providing you with the outstanding service you’ve come to expect from USLI. Thank you for allowing us to be your business partner in this journey.

Warm regards,


CEO Message