Strength in Numbers! Power Skills Webinars WOW Our Customers!

// June 9, 2016
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Five webinars with two thousand attendees in six months! That’s a lot of people interested in developing skills such as communication, writing and effective presentations.

In our fast-paced, technological world, people skills (often referred to as “soft skills”) that are so critical to professional and personal growth are lacking and are in high demand. That’s why we call them “power skills” – because without them, you could fail in business.

A Millennial Branding study notes that more than 60 percent of managers and young employees agreed that soft skills are very important when promoting workers. Still, a survey of corporate executives administered by Adecco Staffing found 44 percent of those polled saying that capabilities like communication, creativity and team collaboration are the attributes they consider the true skills gap in today’s workplace.

In addition, an  article published by listed the skills most often found lacking in new graduates, and the percentage of hiring managers who cited them:

  • Interpersonal or people skills, 52 percent
  • Problem-solving skills, 46 percent
  • Oral communication, 41 percent
  • Leadership ability, 40 percent
  • Written communication, 38 percent
  • Teamwork, 37 percent
  • Creative thinking, 36 percent
  • Project management, 26 percent
  • Research and analysis, 16 percent
  • Math, 15 percent
  • Computer and technical, 13 percent

At USLI, we believe in recruiting for these critical skills and in continuous learning to reinforce their importance. We believe that the reason for our high number of customer attendees in our webinars reflects this same desire. And here’s what people have said about their value:

Great points made, presentation was right on and everything was straight to the point in 30 minutes. Perfect!

The facilitator pointed out some things I need to work on when communicating to others. I liked how she stressed the “clarity & confidence” in the ABC’s of communication.  I would suggest this class to anyone who needs or wants to communicate better.

Thank you so much for the webinar today. You made so many good points that will help resolve so many issues happening in offices these days.

Since we’re committed to providing this value-added service free of charge, why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow by registering for our upcoming Power Skills webinars?

Our upcoming webinars (all webinars are offered at noon ET):

Goal Setting – July 11

Teamwork – September 13

WOW with Words – November 9

Register today!

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As always, thank you for your support and business.

Written by Cindy Woods
Second Vice President, Executive Director of Curriculum and Educational Program Development,
USLI University | 888-523-5545 Ext. 2292
June 9, 2016