The Power of Human Interaction

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// April 28, 2016
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As technology continues to develop and dominate the world of business, many are under the incorrect assumption that we will one day sit back and watch machines do all of the jobs humans once performed.

While computers and programs assist with making processes faster and more efficient, one thing is certain: they can never completely replace the way people humanize business. Therefore, we should invest in developing people instead of believing that technology can make up for what they might lack.

In his book, Humans are Underrated, Geoff Colvin writes, “…as technology takes over more of our work while simultaneously changing us and the way we relate to one another, the people who master the human abilities that are fading all around us will be the most valuable people in our world.”

The ability to engage in conversation, to read body language and to listen and show empathy – these are just some of the power skills that will always be in demand and cannot be replaced by technology. Colvin argues that our need for human interaction and our ability to meet that need will be the driving force of success in business in the decades to come, and that these skills are declining in our world. The good news, he says, is that these skills can be taught.

This is the main objective of USLI University – to provide education and development opportunities to you, our valued customers. Power skills are so important for our continued success together and can make a tremendous impact on what we can accomplish in the future. Here is a look at what we’re offering you this year:

  1. Our 2016 Power Skills Webinar Series was designed by seasoned professionals dedicated to providing knowledge and skill-building in topics such as email etiquette, goal setting and conflict management. Each webinar is free of charge and runs for approximately 30 minutes. The demand and response to our webinar series have been overwhelming, so we invite you to join one or all of our offerings.
  2. The professional and personal development section of our on-demand training site is always growing. Find classes about important insurance industry skills, such as Negotiation Skills, Teamwork, Sales Techniques and more. These classes can be stopped and started at any time.
  3. Our streaming classes are perfect for someone who would like to feel as though they are attending a live class. Many of our on-site classes in Wayne, Pa. are available for you to watch as they are happening live. Again, we have many power skills classes available, such as Personal Communication Skills, Listening Skills and more.

Colvin also mentions, “The key to differentiation lies entirely in the most deeply human realms of social interaction: understanding an irrational client, forming the emotional bonds needed to persuade that client to act rationally…”

In order to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and maintain the relationships we have, not only with each other, but with any type of customer we may encounter, we must build a workforce that nurtures our need for human interaction. Learning the value of, and building competence in, these power skills will enable us all to enhance the quality of our work and personal lives. I encourage you to explore what USLI University has to offer you and your team.

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